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Remix Snacks

Remix Snacks is an Asian female-led snack company that was born from a simple mission created by two dietitians looking to fill a void in the snack industry: to create simple, healthy snacks that are good for the consumers’ well-being and good for the environment.

All our snacks are bean-based, and use upcycled ingredients to reduce food waste. As dietitians, it is our priority to create snacks high in protein, fibre and iron, to ensure our customers are consuming nutrient-rich foods to meet their dietary requirements. At the same time, we source environmentally sustainable ingredients, like beans and upcycled ingredients, to work towards a positive impact on our environment.

Get a free bag of Bean Bark with every purchase!

Visit the Remix website here to shop, and use code: FREEBRUARY2023 for Free Bean Bark!

Add the product "Bean Bark- Free Bag" to your cart along with any other product, use the code FREEBRUARY2023, and that bag will be free. Offer expires Feb 28, 2023.

We are on Instagram Here:

We are on Youtube Here:


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