We like supporting Canadian businesses.  And free stuff.

We decided to bring together Canadian brands in one place for the month of February to share the best deals they can.

We thought-- 'there must be other brands that would love to get their products into people's hands as well?'  Some can do it with a BOGO on their website, and we've included those, and others may opt to do in person giveaways or other fantastic offers.

We've narrowed the scope of the program a little since last year, focusing on Canadian-made products, either physical or virtual, rather than retailers, hospitality or service businesses.  We hope this will improve our engagement even further. Retailers can support the program by sharing with their audience, knowing that the makers and manufacturers in their stores will benefit.

We've also partnered with some new supporting organizations to help with all aspects of the campaign.  Watch for updates about that.  Get on the email list if you're not already.

Andrew & The Freebruary Team

For Brands:



Caddle will be drawing 10 winners from all valid offer submissions to award each a $500 Credit towards a Caddle Insights Study, including survey design, fielding, and insights reporting, valued at $5000 Total.  Some restrictions apply. Draw will be in March at the conclusion of Freebruary.

2022 Winners:


miix analytics flower logo white letters (1).PNG


Miix Analytics will be drawing a winner from all valid offer submissions to award a $3,000 Credit towards Marketing Analytics including a Custom Built ROI or Customer Analytics Dashboard. Some restrictions apply. Draw will be in March at the conclusion of Freebruary.

2022 Winner:

Kim | GiddyYo Chocolate

Field Agent Logo Stacked_edited.png


Field Agent Canada will be drawing 3 Winners from all valid offer submissions to award a Retail Audit of 100 Stores (Value $1000) for their brand by the Field Agent network across Canada.  Some restrictions apply. Draw will be in March at the conclusion of Freebruary.

2022 Winners:

Mary | La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces

Michael | Nerpy's Hot Sauce

Sophia | Quinta Quinoa


social wellness co.

Social Wellness Co. will be drawing 2 winners from all valid submissions to award 2 prizes of 1 (each) product photography session that contain 15-20 high-resolution branded photos (valued at $500 each). Some restrictions apply, draw will be in March at the conclusion of Freebruary

2022 Winners:

Isabelle | Remix Snacks

Mary  |  La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces


Movies for mommies

MFM will be drawing for these 3 prizes: ONE Exclusive e-blast to MFM's national database, ONE four week social media campaign, ONE national contest.  MFM has 20 years of marketing expertise to gens x,y and z moms across Canada and an engaged national audience. Total Prize value over $3000.

2022 Winners:



grid communications

GRID Communications will draw for ONE Grand prize of a video production package, including client concept brainstorm session, video shooting, and editing for online use. ($3,500 Value) as well as TWO winners of $750 credits towards any video production/content package. Some restrictions apply. Total value of prizes $5000.

2022 Winners:

Kite  |  NudFud  |  Lacey Estate Winery


prosh marketing

Prosh Marketing will be drawing a winner from all valid submissions to award a prize of two 1-hour strategic marketing coaching sessions (valued at $1000 total). Some restrictions apply. Draw will be in March at the conclusion of Freebruary. 

2022 Winner:

SMP Canada



For the months of February and March 2022, purchase $1K of lead generating/nurturing services from Amplomedia and receive another $1K in services for FREE.  See website for more details. Some restrictions apply.



CHFA will draw 2 winners from all valid participating brands to win a Free Email Ad Spot in their highly targeted email newsletter to industry suppliers, consumers and stakeholders.  Each ad spot has a value of $1000. 

2022 Winners:

Isabelle | Remix Snacks

Hayk | XMORE Cookie Dough

Two great ways to reach consumers:


Every eligible company starts with a posting on the main page.  This posting showcases your Freebruary Offer (see below) as well as information about your company, a product image, links to your social media, and anything else you want to include. 

The offer is your way to get your brand in the hands of consumers. The best offers are ones that give free product, spend and get, gift with purchase, BOGO, and the like. Some will choose to execute on their ecommerce platform with a code like FREEBRUARY2022 while others may choose to collect a mailing address and ship a coupon to use at retail. Every brand is different. Supporting retail velocity for some categories is important, while others are just starting out and need website traffic and email signups.

The best Freebruary profiles have lots of media, links and ways for consumers to connect with brands. Here's an example.

This profile is a chance to get awareness with the thousands of visitors browsing the site each day. Categories, tags, and keywords are important for this, so we try our best to add meta data where we can.  


Companies that can provide product will be included in the draws.  Consumers love contests and the value-seeking audience of Freebruary all enter the draws.  Get your products into these amazing prize packs.  3 Winners chosen each of the 4 weeks in February 2022. Details here on the WIN page.

No cost to participate. Just send 12 units. Details below.

The Draws are the main, promotable campaign feature beyond 'brands supporting brands' or 'Support Canadian Entrepreneurs' and those kinds of messages.  Consumers respond tremendously to "Win over $10,000 worth of Canadian products" and it's easy to share, even though most brands are contributing less than $200 worth of products.  This is why this approach is powerful.

By staggering the draws, with each new draw opening for entries as the last one closes, we ensure fresh eyes on the site, lots of chances for everyone, and an opportunity to fine tune each prize pack later in the month as late-registrants join.


Tell your story AND share behind-the-scenes video of your production, in our YouTube Channel through Founder Videos and other opportunities throughout the year.

If you have content you want to share with interested Canadians, we can find ways to incorporate that content into our various channels, pages, streams, reels, posts, and more.

Application Form for Brands

Brand Submission

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Upload Company Logo

Some general offer ideas:

  • Free Sample

  • Buy One, Get One Free

  • Buy X, get Y sample added

  • Spend X, get Y special gift added


  • Packaged Goods & Food

  • Home & Lifestyle

  • Makers

  • Mobile Apps / Web Services

  • No B2B

  • No MLM

  • No Hospitality/Restaurants

  • No Importers/Resellers

Criteria subject to change. We reserve the right to reject any brand or business for any reason.


To participate, you agree to share your Freebruary post with your email subscribers and/or Social Media followers. This is a stone soup marketing tactic. 


How brands support Freebruary:

Freebruary Logo 16-9 Horizontal colour.png

Put a hyper-linked Freebruary logo in your footer. Link to the main page so your visitors see all the offers and can sign up for email. Use this same logo in an email you send or overlay it in a social post. (It's a transparent PNG)

linkedin transparent.png

Follow the Freebruary LinkedIn page and when you see posts, engage with them, share, comment, and direct others you know to have a look.  The more manufacturers and makers on board, the bigger the audience looking at your business.


Subscribe and Turn on Notifications for our Youtube channel, and like the videos you see there.  Share the videos on your own sites and on other platforms.


Follow Freebruary on Instagram @freebruarycanada and re-share our stories, like our posts, and tag us in your posts so we can do the same. 

Send email to your email subscribers about your participation, links to your profile, videos of your interview on Youtube, and more!