Non-dairy frozen banana dessert. Like Ice Cream, but Better!

Yellofruit is a Non-Dairy Frozen Banana Dessert, made like ice cream, but without any dairy ingredients. It's a Certified Vegan product and is made with only Organic ingredients in our peanut-free facility in Ontario.

Monty's Favourite Strawberry is like a classic smoothie with tart strawberry flavours. This award-winning dessert combines fresh, organic strawberry puree with smooth, sweet banana to make something unique and wonderful. Holly's Favourite Mango is a tropical delight combining the smooth, rich flavours of Kent Mango and the creamy texture of banana. And last but not least, Eddy's Favourite Chocolate, a Yellofruit that tastes like frozen banana bread with chocolate chips.

Yellofruit is a family business, rooted in Southern Ontario, and was started when Claire and Andrew wanted an alternative to ice cream that their twin babies, and the whole family, could enjoy. Launched in 2019, Yellofruit is now available in over 1200 stores across Canada.

Andrew and Claire holding pints of Yellofruit
Yellofruit Co-founders Claire Lysnes and Andrew Kinnear

Maybe you saw or heard about our Big Banana Car touring Southern Ontario and giving out free samples. We miss the days when we could meet face to face with our fans and give free samples at a festival or concert or fall fair!

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