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Freebruary 2023

2023 Winners

Prize #1
Feb 3, 2023

Draw #1  Winner

Stephanie D'Souza Mississauga

Prize #2
Feb 5, 2023

Draw #2  Winner

Gail Kines Cambridge

Prize #3
Feb 8, 2023

Draw #3  Winner

Phyllis Cadwell
Corner Brook, NL

Prize #4
Feb 10, 2023

Draw #4  Winner

Yvonne Weleschuk
Sherwood Park, AB

Prize #5
Feb 12, 2023

Draw #5  Winner

Michael Montague Belleville, ON

Prize #6
Feb 15, 2023

Draw #6  Winner

Suzanne McCray
Vancouver, BC

Prize #7
Feb 17, 2023

Draw #7  Winner

Dave Klein
Ottawa, ON

Prize #8
Feb 19, 2023

Draw #8  Winner

Carole Bellini
Montreal, QC

Prize #9
Feb 22, 2023

Draw #9  Winner

Erin Keen

Milton, ON

Prize #10
Feb 24, 2023

Draw #10  Winner

Tamara Spurr
Coldwater, ON

Prize #11
Feb 28, 2023

Draw #11  Winner

Allan Harmsworth
Orillia, ON

The Fine Print

There are 11 draws in February 2023. Each form closes at 10 PM EDT, on the listed draw date. To enter, you must visit this page and input your valid information into an active form. An email will be sent to verify and must be confirmed to prevent fraud.  There is no purchase necessary. Addresses are required as the prizes will be shipped.  Participants must be residents of Canada and be 18+ to participate. Duplicate entries will ALL be removed. Please enter only once per draw.

NEW BONUS CODES: These special codes will be awarded to people who complete additional tasks like being subscribed to our Youtube Channel, Instagram stories, or emails. The codes given are entered in the draw form above and increase your chances to win.  

All prizes have been provided by the brands, makers, and manufacturers in each bundle. Not all bundles are necessarily the same as some brands have chosen to put special prizes in certain draws. Substitutions may happen. Freebruary does not guarantee or warranty any product or service. All prizes are delivered or shipped out at the end of the Freebruary Campaign in early March, however if you're a winner, you'll be contacted by email to validate information prior to shipping.   

Emails will be sent out with reminders to enter, so please subscribe to the notifications for Freebruary 2022.

Draw Schedule Reminders
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