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Kricklewood Farm

Kricklewood Farm is a producer of delicious Sunflower Oil Fine Foods. Aiolis, Infused Oils, Dressings, Marinades and classic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil. monounsaturated fats.

Kricklewood Farm Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil is a Canadian alternative to olive oil delicious used raw or in low heat cooking. It is unrefined, Non GMO, heart healthy and high in Adds a taste of fresh sunflower seeds to every dish. Enjoy great flavour when sautéeing, roasting and baking.

Kricklewood Farm Garlic Aiolis are made using fresh Ontario Garlic and Pure Sunflower Oil. Enjoy as a dip for fries, a spread for sandwiches and burgers or anywhere else a taste of fresh garlic is needed!

OFFER: 50% OFF Sunflower Oil Aioli with a Purchase of $50 or more.

Save 50% on a jar of Sunflower Oil Aioli with a Purchase of $50 of any Kricklewood Farm Products. Use code: FREEBRUARY2022 when checking out. USE CODE: FREEBRUARY2022


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