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FourX The Better Chocolate

We are a fairly new, Canadian, premium chocolate company founded by two health and wellness executives, Suzie Yorke and Alejandro Castillo, who partnered with a Mission to make the healthiest and most delicious chocolates on the market.

The Brand: The FourX Better Chocolate

Our line of Functional Chocolates is a World's First!

All products are PURE dark chocolate bites with a creamy milk chocolate centre. The cacao is Fine Aroma CacaoTM from small NGO farms in the heart of Ecuador. We only use a few clean ingredients, no alkali to preserve antioxidants, and there is 0g of sugar added, so they are clean and keto friendly. They are infused with Feel-Good AdaptogensTM and provide higher absorption given the added good fats (MCT oil) and piperine.

We only source cacao beans from Ecuador, they are Single origin, Bean-to-Bar, Fair Trade beans, and so they have the best flavour in the world. The growing conditions are unique, as the flavour & aroma from the surrounding aromatic fields of fruit and flowers infuse the beans as they grow. This ensures the delicate and delicious aromas are preserved inside the beans. The cacao beans are hand-picked, then custom sorted according to their size, and then they undergo roasting, conching and tempering. The manufacturing process takes about 24 hours. The chocolatiers monitor the flavour development every hour to ensure best in class results.

The World's Best Tasting Chocolate Just Got Healthier!

Freebruary Offer: BOGO! Buy one box, get another free!

When you buy any box from our website, get a second box for free when you use special code FREEBRUARYBOGO.


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