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Everly is on a mission to clean up the candle industry. Our innovative candle refill system encourages customers to refill any empty candle vessel at home, diverting millions of vessels from landfills.

Healthy ingredients, non-toxic oils, and compostable packaging.

~ 1% For The Planet

~ LATINX Owned + Operated

~ Mother + Daughter Founded

Hi Lovelies 👋🏼

We're Alejandra and Charo, the mom and daughter duo on a mission to clean up the candle industry!

We've always LOVED candles but weren't fans of the nasty ingredients and waste in the candles we were burning at home.

Most conventional candles are made with paraffin wax (a by-product of petroleum) and with fragrances unregulated by the FDA-- eek! Like many of you, we'd finish a candle and hoard the cute vessel for later use, only to be inundated with empty candle containers.

Not ready to give up on candles, we wondered, "Is there a better way to do candles while NOT contributing to the 60 tons of household waste produced EVERY second"?

So we paired up, and Everly was born to reimagine how we consume candles so they not only care for you but for our planet too.

Thanks for being on this CLEAN + SUSTAINABLE journey with us!

Freebruary Offer: Buy Two get One Free!

Purchase any two candles of your choice through our site ( ), enter code FREEBRUARY2023, and get our newest candle, CAMPO (Lavender, Vanilla + Rosemary), on us!

This offer is valid through the end of February, so don't miss out!

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