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Royal Heir Botanicals

My name is Henrieta and I am the creator of Royal Heir Botanicals. My inspiration was my baby girl, from her first day she had horrible issues with her skin and nothing seemed to work to soothe it. I went back to my nursing roots and started studying clinical aromatherapy to find a way to help her without steroid medication. I studied while nursing her through the night and experimented with materials during the day until I created a formula that not only smelled delicious and felt amazing, it was also effective. It became an essential part of our day. And I wanted to share it with other exhausted and stressed out moms.

Our Bum Butters as we called them helped my little girl's skin issues, helped her sleep at night after a soothing massage, calmed her down when she was teething, helped to protect her cheeks from drool and cold, soothed every scrape and mosquito bite. And now that she is 8, she cherishes her nightly routine with a bath, massage and a book and loves how her growing pains melt away with mom's touch and her favorite butter.

I created this brand for my only baby and wanted it to be effective, that means no cutting corners. As a result, Royal Heir Botanicals is the crème de la crème of baby and mama skincare. Organic, completely natural, Cacao butter formula, made with food grade ingredients because babies put everything in their mouth. Versatile and suitable for every member of the family except for your dog.

Freebruary Offer: Buy ONE get ONE 50% OFF

When you enter the code FREEBRUARYLOVE in our online checkout , you will receive 50% off on your second tin of butter for the month of February.

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