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Rosy's Kitchen

Our gluten-free baked goods help celiacs and people with sensitivities who want to feel good and buy fresh, homemade baking by offering online purchasing and making your experience convenient and reliable plus having your taste buds and tummy happy.We reco

Our flours are chosen to provide a higher nutrient content including protein, fibre and iron for your digestive and overall health (goodbye rice flour!). We take great care in choosing suppliers of certified gluten-free ingredients so that you can feel comfortable with our products.

You will also notice that our products do not contain dairy products or eggs and are plant-based. If you are on a soy-free diet, we have options to accommodate you, just contact us to find out more!

OFFER: Free Cookies when you buy Bread Mix

Buy Bread Mix, Get Free Cookies. See page below for details.

Rosy's Double Chocolate Cookies are so good, you can't tell they are missing gluten, dairy and eggs! These plant-based wonders are a chocolate-lover's delight with rave reviews featuring Barry Callebaut Belgium Chocolate.


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