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Regain your Brain

Hi, my name is Cheryl Ozen-Dyer and I am a CONCUSSION RECOVERIE! I am an expert at being a "concussion survivor"!

Like most of you, I was just surviving each and every day for 8.5 yrs. Surviving just to get through the day, just to feel normal, just to get through the daily physical and mental pain! But after years of persistence, determination, unwavering faith and belief......I overcame my concussion.

That is why, it would be my honour if you allow me to guide you along your journey to Regain Your Brain & Reclaim Your Life!

Prior to my concussions, I was a successful Entrepreneur. My business was events coordination for local charities! In 2 yrs. of operation, my business raised over $40,000 for our local charities!

I love sports and prior to owning my own business, I had the opportunity to work for 2 professional sports teams in Ottawa, Canada.

At 18, I was the youngest Canadian to travel with Canadian Crossroads International. I was so grateful for the experience of working at an orphanage in Zimbabwe for abandoned and abused children. Those children taught ME so much and to this day, I still carry around their beautiful personalities. This experience led me to becoming a Social Service Worker. At 21, I graduated with honors!

All of these experiences have one common theme.........TO SERVE! And today, I am here to SERVE YOU, as you journey to RECOVERY!

Freebruary Offer: FREE 1-on-1 Consultation ($88 Value) & sign up for Regain Your Brain & Reclaim Your Life-receive a FREE QiGong course ($147 Value)

Email Cheryl here: to book your FREE 1-on-1 Consultation, valued at $88. If you sign up for this ONE OF A KIND PROGRAM - Regain Your Brain & Reclaim Your Life (starting on March 7th-April 25th), you will receive a FREE Qigong Program valued at $147


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