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Prickly Eats

Frank and Adriana, the co-founders, are two passionate individuals that created Prickly Cactus Chips and Prickly Cactus Pitas made of 70 percent fresh nopal cactus.

Our line of food products, Prickly Eats, aims to alleviate the increasing food intolerances and health issues that a lot of our friends and clients were having.

When your health is of the utmost importance!! Healthy is what we look at first when we make our products. With this passion, we analyzed how we use food solely as nourishment and then realized that food can also greatly sustain our well-being and health when made with the freshest ingredients and absent of any preservatives.

We would love for everyone to try our products and leave us your thoughts and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

The benefit to our clients is: Gain no weight and feel fabulous! Eating Prickly Eats. Be Healthy and Eat well!

Freebruary Offer: Save 10% on Everything!

When you visit our website and purchase from us, enjoy a 10 percent discount and free delivery in the GTA. Use code: FREEBRUARY23


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