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BCC Foods, a new young and fast startup manufacturer in Toronto ; we are committed to creating unique products and always moving forward to embrace the market needs for better nutrition and a better impact on our planet.

We launched our first brand, Nutybite. Our nutritious Nutybite all-purpose and delicious granola clusters include a unique blend of spices, seeds, nuts, and superfoods to help immunity and elevate gut health.

Furthermore, Nutybite is vegan and kosher and uses recyclable packaging to minimise environmental impact. We have 4 different flavours: Orange Tahini, Cocoa Maca, Paleo Chocolate, Turmeric Ginger - every blend is tasty, loaded with minerals and vitamins to support a nutritious diet.

OFFER: Buy One Bundle get One Free

The code will be automatically generated, once the bundle added to the card.


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