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Nostalgica Foods

Nostaglica Foods is a family-owned company based out of Ajax, Ontario. We locally source our ingredients and have a super clean label. We manufacture a pizza dough and panini mix, in an allergen friendly facility here in Ontario. Our products are free from: grains, gluten, nuts, soy, cauliflower 😊, nightshade vegetables (such as potato), gums/pastes, additives, no added sugar or preservatives. Our mixes are plant based, vegan friendly (pizza mix), gut healthy, shelf stable with an expiry date of one + years, our packaging is also recyclable.

Our mission is to make mealtime inclusive so your “diet” doesn’t have to be exclusive. With old world traditions, to new world innovations we know our mixes will satisfy many types of eaters: paleo, vegan, plant-based.

We are proud to be one of the only Canadian companies that manufacture a paleo and nut free pizza dough mix.

My parents came to Canada from Italy with a little suite case, 3 children and me on the way. Life was tough, but 2 things we were taught we could always count on was family and good food. Delicious food was always celebrated, whether it was in our family of 6 or 30 and pizza was always apart of that celebration. When I changed my diet due to health issues, I felt lonely and extremely isolated... getting busy in the kitchen recreating all my comfort foods with my mothers pizza being my first experiment. That was the beginning of Nostalgica Foods... because everyone needs to feel included at the table.

OFFER: Buy TWO get TWO free.


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