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Nature Knows

Hi Everyone, It's Andrea here, Chief Taste Tester at Nature Knows. We began back in 2016, while I enjoyed a wonderful career in CPG I took the big risk as a single mom to become an entrepreneur, to invest and create a new brand to help make a much bigger impact. I knew we all needed and wanted to eat healthier though could not understand why we were not eating more fruits and veggies, let alone the amount of snacks that claimed to be "healthy" though were all packed in plastic! As my daughter was starting school I saw the huge gap of busy families and time starved parents and professionals, the soaring increases in snacking consumption vs expanding health issues; combined with the seas of plastic overtaking our landfills destroying our planet.

I knew had to do better for my daughter and for all our generations to come! So when I saw the opportunity with a new innovative compostable solution that not only would help us bring fruits and veggies in portable convenient options, the breathable plant-based film and natural cleaning process helped yield up to 50% more shelf life than plastic trays or cups. With the huge sad stat of over 40% of our food being wasted I knew this would help make a bigger impact to not only reduce waste with one of key food groups, we could finally make a huge change to reduce/eliminate plastic within fresh produce and ready to eat snacking. Soooo, I took the bold leap of faith to invest and start a new brand, and Nature Knows was launched Helping us eat well sustainably, assisting mother "Nature" as we "Know" in what comes from the earth is best AND we can give back to help protect her too. Finally, food that is good for us and our precious planet too!

Nature Knows has created a line of ready to eat fresh fruit and vegetable single serve snacks to meal kit solutions and family size sharing bags. We are ready to replace plastic in produce and fresh snacks as Nature Knows is Nature's Fast Food!

Wouldn't you like these at your fave convenience store, cafe, to fast food restaurant to add some healthier options to the "Snack" Foods we see today? For the same or less than a cup of coffee, we believe eating healthy should be accessible and affordable too. How about your grocery stores, where would you like to see us offered? We would love your input and better yet help to spread the word to your store managers that you would like to see us available too. Every request helps small brands like us, so the more the merrier to share the green healthy love for Nature Knows is so appreciated!

We have an array of formats and sizes ready to support grab and go Foodservice to home delivery and Retail Grocery. Our value add snack size pouches, the "Crinkly" noiser plant based compostable packaging is ready to get loud and help us create a healthier sustainable Canada. So let's come together to #Lovethecrinkle and Go Greener with us today. Join the NK #FreshFunFood revolution and enjoy delicious fresh snacks that you can feel good about too! We even have licensed our customized compostable formats to other great brands to expand our great value such as protein bites, muffins, cookies and more!

Like to try a FREE Nature Knows fruit or veggie snack today? Send us an email with the subject “Freebruary Sample” and we will send you a free sample (Currently for ON residents GTA to Southwest for home or office with our FreshWagon delivery partners)

We can't wait to hear from you soon! E: or Find us on social @natureknowsinc

Happy Healthy Sustainable Snacking!

Andrea & NK Team

Find us on Instagram here:

Freebruary Deal: Buy One Family Pack Get One Snack Free + Bonus10% off coupon

When you purchase a Nature Knows Fruit or Veggie Sustainable Snacks Healthy 6 pack, you will receive a Bonus Snack FREE as well as a BONUS Gift- a 10% off coupon for future purchase anytime through 2023. Enter Promo code at Check out: FebNK23

Simply Order via our delivery partners FreshWagon, Link: under Fresh Produce or Snacks and find a wide array of fresh groceries and local ON goodies. We will email you the Special Bonus coupon code as we receive your order. Note some items may be subject to change upon commodity /stock swings. Thank you for supporting local @natureknowsinc (Note: delivery zone is GTA to Southwest ON for home or office)

Ps. For Retailers and Foodservice clients interested to carry Nature Knows snacks, we can support your business nationally. Please feel free to email for more info E:


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