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Muskoka Mornings

No Yolking 100% Egg White Protein Powder by Muskoka Mornings is Made and packaged here in Ontario, Canada. With only 70 calories, 17g of protein per 20g serving and net 1 carb it's a great way to add protein to your day. Use in Keto breads, baking, Pancakes,Dressings and Dips, Smoothies, and hey even get egg on your face! by making Face Masks with “No Yolking® 100% Egg Protein Powder”

OFFER: Buy 1 500g bag and receive 3 - 40g trial packs FREE

  • Made and processed in Canada

  • Supporting Canadian Farmers

  • Code 2 recycylabe bag.

  • No risk of being contaminated with salmonella

  • Easy storage and long shelf life

  • Fermentation process ensures you are getting 100% pure egg protein no other added ingredients

  • Great for Salad dressings, Desserts, Cooking and Baking

  • Use in Shakes and Smoothies

  • Full amino acid profile

  • Good for diabetics

  • Great for camping and outdoor enthusiasts

  • Low carb, Paleo and Keto diets

  • Alternative to whey with a moderate level of digestion

  • Egg protein helps with hormone regulation too!

Limited time offer | Available for Canadian residents only | One free package per household | Offer only valid when purchased directly from Muskoka Mornings® | Offer not valid through Amazon Canada


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