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Moong Pani Sipping Broths

Our mission is to nourish you with the plant-based wisdom of Ayurveda. We do this by bringing you wholesome foods made with the dietary powerhouse, mung beans. We believe in easy-to-make foods that you can enjoy without compromising on health or taste. With our products you can whip up a hot drink instantly and a meal quickly and easily, knowing they're 100% natural, with no preservatives, MSG or any such thing. It’s simply good.

I started Balatibala Plant-Based Foods two years ago with the launch of Moong Pani Mung Bean Sipping Broths. Our broths are vegan and made with plant-protein and fibre-rich whole mung beans, celebrated as the Queen Bean in Ayurveda.

Moong Pani means 'water of mung' in India. We have modernized this age-old nourishing village food for our on-the-go lifestyle. Simply add hot water to a spoonful of Moong Pani broth powder, stir and sip. No fuss. No cooking. We have five robust flavours in Canadian retail and online stores. Last month we launched two new products: Whole Mung Khichari Kits and Whole Mung Dal Curry. They are delicious, wholesome high-protein meals. What makes them unique is that they’re cooked, flavoured and dried. All you have to do is add water and simmer.

All Moong Pani offerings are perfect for campers, students and busy people on the go.

We hand-make all our products in our own facility in Mississauga, Ontario.


Buy any two products and get one more for free. This discount is valid only on with the Discount code: BUY2-1FREE. Limit of 4 uses per order.


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