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Laza Food & Beverages

Laza Food & Beverages is an Ontario-based company founded in 2009 and is the developer of unique lines of hibiscus tea and frozen treats. The beverages line consists of two distinct flavour profiles, hibiscus tea and lemon, and built upon them with zesty flavours like ginger, turmeric and mint. Laza Ice Pops are created with whole fruit and sweetened with maple syrup or honey.

Our products are made from small batches in our hometown of Guelph, Ontario. They are made with high-quality and healthy ingredients with minimal processing. The results are deliciously simple and intensely flavourful.

OFFER: Buy one get one Free

Our special offer is available in Tempo, Laza Store, Guelph Farmers Market, Brothers Brewing, Warka Restaurant. Pick up only.


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