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Being "Chill" is the new energized! Let's explain; when we reduce our stress, our brains are more productive and more efficient at organizing information, which is why you can now put aside caffeine and stimulants to make way for real productivity & great taste! Ready-to-drink HEALTEA Botanical Infusions, made with real herbs are cold infused, organic, caffeine-free, low-carb and with herbs known for their benefits. The new generation of functional and above all deliciously refreshing drinks!

OFFER: 2 cases for 64.99 + Free Shipping Canada Wide*

Try the new generation of healthy & tasty beverages, Healtea Botanical Infusions.

Promo 24x Bundle! Take advantage of a 24-bottle Healtea Bundle for $64.99 Including delivery anywhere in Canada*!

Drink without moderation or guilt ;) Best healthy alcohol-free option


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