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Enfleurage Organics

ENFLEURAGE ORGANICS is owned and founded by Colleen Lowe. She formulates and produces body care products in Oakville, ON using as much organic ingredients as feasible. Some products are available in Whole Foods Markets

We have you covered from head to toe and even the dog.

Ever tried a shampoo bar? Our shampoo bar also contains not one but two conditioners. Suds up well and lasts a looooong time.

Many people have used our FACE WORKS over the years as they found it helped with their acne. Now they are recommending it to those who are suddenly getting *Maskne (it's the new acne)

When it comes to body soaps we wake you up and put you to sleep. You decide which bar suits your needs. It's too bad we can give you sniffer samples right here on the screen As well, we have JUST SOAP with no added scent. All aromas added are essential oils and herbs

Hey! You have a birthday right! So do family and friends and you sometimes get stuck for a unique gift? We've got that covered with out MYSTIC line of sprays and creams

And if you are big on LOCAL, you can't get much more local than our Honey 'n Pumpkin soap. Honey comes from a Certified Organic apiary not too far from Toronto. The Pumpkin comes from a Certified Organic farm in Waterdown, Ontario (now part of Hamilton, ON)

Our creams are recommended by a Registered Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach to clients with skin conditions You could use them just to moisturize or on that pregnant belly.

Last but certainly not least are those fur babies some people call dogs. Yes, we've formulated a shampoo for them - WARM HEART, COLD NOSE and a PAWS 'N NOSE cream to protect them while you're out walking them.

IF EVER you have a question, please feel free to contact us

If you bought from us before then you KNOW about our high quality, long lasting products made with organics. If you haven't, what are you waiting for?! Just ask any of our online customers and they'll tell you they get a personalized handwritten thank you card from us and a freebie of some sort in every order.

Our customers know that LOVE is the first ingredient and YOUR HEALTH is of utmost importance, hence the organics.

Our FREEBRUARY Offer is available on all online orders as well as to those who shop at our booth at Connon Nurseries’ WINTER FARMERS’ MARKET, open Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm

PS: February is Colleen's birth month and she's been known to be extra generous with the organic treats as her way of celebrating


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