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Earn easy money & cash back rebates every, single, day !

Make money in minutes. Caddle is a free app that allows you to earn cash back by responding to surveys, purchasing products, providing reviews and more!

Step 1: Download Download the Caddle app in the Apple or Google Play Stores, and sign up! Step 2: Earn Browse our weekly survey and cash back opportunities, select one (or many!), and start earning. Step 3: Redeem! Earn $20 (or more), select Cash Out, and we’ll mail you a cheque! What People are Saying about Caddle: “Gets right to the point, which is exactly what you want with this app. Simple and elegant, it's super easy to make money and unlock great deals. Love it!” “Glad my friend introduced me to Caddle. Lots of great Savings in deals. Can't wait to do my first cash out.” “I think that this app is great and well worth downloading!! ” “A great way to learn and interact with brands knowing you're a valued customer.”


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