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Brew'ed Biscuits

Heather and Barb launched Brew'ed Biscuits in 2018 after years of friendship and careers in the hospitality industry.

\As the owner of Blue Elephant Artisan Brewery, Norfolk County’s first Craft Brewery, Heather began to develop recipes to use the spent grains from the brewing process. The biscuits came about as a tourism promotion idea to create awareness of the Blue Elephant and Norfolk County.

Spent grains are oats and barley that are a byproduct of beer making. During the brewing process the grains are “spent” or steeped to remove the sugars. What is left is a healthy, tasty, low-gluten, sugar-free byproduct that is approximately 20% protein and 70% fiber that is good for humans and pets!

People really liked the biscuits because their pets really liked them and then those people and their pets really liked Heather and Barb for making them and Heather and Barb really liked making them because they liked reducing food waste, something the planet would like. With so much "like" going around and around this had to be good and so started their journey to make Brew'ed Biscuits, all natural healthy treats you and your pet and the planet will like.

Freebruary Offer: BOGO! Buy one Tri Flavour Pack 170g and get a second one free

When you purchase any one of our 170g Tri Flavour Pack in Multi Flavour, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Sweet Potato or Apple Cinnamon from our website and use the CODE: FREEB2023, we'll add a second Tri Flavour Pack to your order for FREE!

Just include the code in your address during checkout.

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