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Be Sweet

Have you ever wondered why there is no alternative for honey on retail shelves like there is for maple syrup? Well, we have.

Hence, Be Sweet was born. We spent two years developing the product so that we would get it right, and we did just that!

Be Sweet Honey Flavoured Spread is a honey alternative that looks and tastes exactly like honey, but offers consumers a 40-50% discount over honey.

Like we say at Be Sweet “Enjoy the taste of honey, and save a bunch of money$!”

And we didn’t stop there. With the growing demand for vegan products and the willingness for consumers to do their part to help protect the bees, Be Sweet recently introduced it’s Vegan/Organic Honey Substitute. Since it contains zero honey, it is 100% bee friendly. We also made it all-natural, non-gmo, and gluten-free.

Just like our Honey Flavoured Spread, Be Sweet looks and tastes just like honey. Actually, it is the only Vegan Honey in North America that does.

Both products are packaged in attractive inverted bottles with large, drip-free caps. And both do not crystallise like regular honey!


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