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We like supporting Canadian businesses.  And free stuff.

We decided to bring together Canadian brands in one place for the month of February to share the best deals they can.

Freebruary™ is a month-long promotional campaign  platform for Canadian brands and makers. Its purpose is to generate and aggregate awareness and trial that would otherwise be out of reach for most participants. 


Freebruary allows you to discover products across Canada and buy them at discount. We give brands and manufacturers of Canadian products, whether that's a juice or a mobile app or a shirt, a way to get the word out and have people try their products.

For you, the average Canadian lover-of-a-good-deal we hope you find something new and try it.  There's also draws for lots of free stuff over here...

Imagine if you committed to discovering and buying one new thing you found on this site? That could change the course of some Canadian small business for the year!

These businesses and brands also need you to tell your friends if you like them, write a review, ask for them at your local store, and purchase again. Maybe some of that will happen.  It's up to you!

Have a great Freebruary!

The Freebruary Team

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