Freebruary™ Launches January 31, 2022
You can discover great products from across Canada, and this year, win some of them.  See you then!

What is Freebruary™?

Brands and manufacturers of Canadian products, whether that's a juice or a mobile app or a shirt, need a way to get the word out and have people try their products. 

Since Canadians like Free so much, (along with discounts, draws, and samples) we got together with some other businesses and made an offering that is hopefully more than the sum of its parts.

Check out all the brands, read their stories, visit their websites, and buy if you like. Just for showing up, we're going to do 12 draws in Freebruary™ to give away products, cash, and other prizes. 

Thanks for visiting. 

If you're a brand, you're looking for this page.


We're in the process of loading all the profiles and offers for 2022. Everything goes live just before February 1st, 2022.

Make sure you're on the email list to get reminders about our DRAWS that happen all throughout the month. You can win great products, services, discounts, cash and other great rewards included in the draws. You don't want to miss them!

~Freebruary Team