Freebruary wants YOU!

What is Freebruary?

Freebruary is a portmanteau of Free + February. In the second month of the year, after the dust has settled from the holidays, small businesses, restaurants, retailers, and start-up brands will all still need help getting their year off to the right start.

With restrictions in place around big events, consumer and trade shows, and even sampling in grocery stores, most businesses, Direct-to-consumer included, need a mechanism to generate AWARENESS and TRIAL for their product, store, or service.

Not every business can mail out a sample or give away a free meal at their restaurant or put up a billboard, but with a little bit of magic, we can share our deals and freebies on this platform.

How do I participate as a consumer looking for deals?

Get on our email list so you don't miss anything. Come back in Freebruary to see what is available in your area.

How do I participate as a small business or brand in Canada?

You probably already do it. That free thing you give to your customers to promote loyalty, attract new customers through referrals or just surprise and delight those that support your business.

Well-- now is your chance to take that a little further. You can share your freebie, bonus offer, or deal with millions of Canadians by publishing it here on as well as tagging us #freebruary on social media when you talk about it.

Use the form to submit your deal before January 20th, 2021 if you can. After that, we will try to still get them on the page, but we go live on Jan 30th, so earlier is better.

Freebruary will live on after February 2021, so that we can make it even better in 2022!

Is there a cost?

No. The costs associated with this website and promotions have already been generously donated by some early interested entrepreneurs and sponsors.

How can I support this initiative?

MEDIA- Talk about it. Write a short story about what we're doing and give us a link. Use the contact form to get in touch, and please let us know any deadlines you have in your initial contact.

BRANDS- Put up a deal, then use #freebruary and tag @freebruary on social media. Like our posts when you see them, and when we put something about your brand, re-share, re-post.

CONSUMERS- Try and Buy local products and services, give your business to the companies that sponsor your kids soccer team, not the conglomerate taking profits out of the country.

ASSOCIATIONS & GROUPS- Tell your industry members, share with your audience members, let us add your collective momentum to what we're doing. It's not a sponsorship, no money or transactions or personal info exchanged. This is an easy win for February!

Support Local


Buy and Try products and services from your neighbourhood, your town or city, your province, and especially from Canada.

Support Entrepreneurs and businesses that give back to your community.



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