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Brand Profile Builder 2023 
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For the brand or company logo you're uploading, the best thing is a Transparent PNG or White Background PNG/JPG. Those seem to work best, and makes it easy to include your logo in the other content.

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For this product image, what has worked best in the past is a white-background line-up of the product. Hero shot.  Because of how they are used on the site, high-resolution is fine.  If you have a few, like a white-background but also a lifestyle shot, upload multiple IN A ZIP FILE.  

Do not add any text, offers, codes, or logos to the product shots.

For your Freebruary 2023 OFFER, this is a deal that you're executing for the month of Feb 2023.  How you execute it is up to you, but we need to communicate it clearly to the consumers that visit your profile.

To help us categorize your brand, products, and company, please check any of the boxes below that apply. These are to make it easier for your customers to find your products.

Product Features

To help get the best return on all the time you're putting into this, there are a few things you can do.  Check what applies to you and your interest. By sharing some business related info, we can also ensure that we're delivering a program that meets the most needs. Our sponsors and partners want to help you GROW!

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Last year we sometimes got questions from distributors, brokers, consumers, and others.  We'd like to make introductions and help with leads where we can.  Don't include cost on your sell sheet.

As a small business, I'd like some help with:

The 11 Draws we do for consumers are the most exciting part of the whole campaign, and the reason they work is because we all get to promote Over $10,000 worth of Canadian Products!.  This includes gift cards provided by sponsors, as well as all the retail value of the products you submit.  This year your fee helps to cover the tremendous cost of shipping, assembly, packaging for transit, etc.

We ask that you send 12 of your product so that if any are damaged during your shipment, or if we need to use products for photography and videos, we're not short. This came out of some challenges last year.  Also, participation was optional last year, and it meant that some brands just couldn't get in on the excitement of a huge draw every couple days.  So, please send your 12 units to the following address:

Attn: Freebruary

3686 Shadow Creek Rd

Severn, Ontario L3V0V8

Draws are done all month, product is received by the 15th of February for assembly, and everything is shipped at the conclusion of the campaign, in March. We'll be sending reminders to the email above, but you can ship it as soon as it's ready.  If you think your product is an exception (perishable, high value, etc) please reach out to Andrew.

Note: If you've already registered but have multiple brand profiles to input, simply fill out this form a second time. This keeps all the data clean. The fee is per company, not per product. Some exclusions apply.

This year's campaign is underway and you can participate next year.See you in 2024


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How brands support Freebruary:

Freebruary Logo 16-9 Horizontal colour.png

Put a hyper-linked Freebruary logo in your footer. Link to the main page so your visitors see all the offers and can sign up for email. Use this same logo in an email you send or overlay it in a social post. (It's a transparent PNG)

linkedin transparent.png

Follow the Freebruary LinkedIn page and when you see posts, engage with them, share, comment, and direct others you know to have a look.  The more manufacturers and makers on board, the bigger the audience looking at your business.


Subscribe and Turn on Notifications for our Youtube channel, and like the videos you see there.  Share the videos on your own sites and on other platforms.


Follow Freebruary on Instagram @freebruarycanada and re-share our stories, like our posts, and tag us in your posts so we can do the same. 

Send email to your email subscribers about your participation, links to your profile, videos of your interview on Youtube, and more!

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